Japanese Lantern

Based on an original lantern in Kyoto, this lantern was virtualized using state-of-the-art techniques. Great care was taken not only to preserve its wonderful simplicity, but also to keep a certain thing that is hidden and subtle. Thus, this harmonious lantern with its variety will be a special attention in any environment.
Stylish and simple design with an expression of calm and an inner power.
  • Client
  • Game and Entertainment Studios
  • Areas
  • AAA Level and environment design
  • Services
  • Design, Art Direction
  • Creative Director & CCO
  • Danny Wensky
  • About Project
  • Delighted by the beauty of this lantern and the harmonious mood that emanated from it came the idea of ​​preserving it for eternity and sharing it with others. Based on this, we prepared a rough roadmap for the realization of the project. After many stages of development, refinement, and constant reconciliation with recordings of the original, we decided to test the model with multiple materials. This was a very special moment in the project cycle. Because with these materials, we were able to harmoniously match the lantern to any virtual environment. By using small flames or a stylish glow within the lantern body and darkening the environment, this lantern could bring some of its magic to life.
  • Project Brief
  • - Photorealistic and AAA quality
    - There are different versions to support the systems like PC, Console and Mobile.
    - Has a very well-balanced 5-level LOD (Level of Detail)
    - Additional one model for each version without LODs (just in case..)
    - There are 5 different materials offered each by the respective texture sets for terracotta, moss, gold, jade and marble white (all 4k and, 2k maps or more textures sets are available on request)
    - Contains custom collisions
    - Is performance optimized for the purpose in Unity (Unreal is not tested, but should also work)
A real beauty is not what you can see, it‘s what you feel.

Rie Wensky / Creative Director

When you encounter a real beauty you don‘t think about it but you just feel an inner movement and you‘re speechless.

We're small but impressive. Hand crafted 3D models with perfect designs.
How to see this game asset
This demonstration uses one material and different LODs. It shows the Japanese Lantern in a game environment with post processing camera effects. That’s how it might look like later on.
Different Versions
Level of Details each
Different Materials each
Working hours
This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating our game assets.
Arndt Lutzmann